12 Days of Christmas Gift Guide

Deciding what to buy for everyone in your life at Christmas time can be a daunting task. Let me help by recommending some of my favorite products for teaching sleep and caring for your little one. 

Swaddles and Sacks

If bridging home your baby from the hospital isn’t intimidating enough, watching the nurses swaddle them in 3-seconds flat doesn’t help. If you are anything like me, even with practice, I felt like I could never get the swaddle right. The game-changer for this worry is the Halo SleepSack. I highly recommend this swaddle to make life easier when it comes to swaddling your newborn. A great swaddle can help and newborn sleep and a well sleeping newborn will help you sleep.

Around 10 to 12 weeks of age is the recommended time to transition your baby out of a swaddle. Why move your baby out of a swaddle when they are sleeping well? Between 3-5 months of age babies begin to learn to roll, and if in a swaddle they are unable to use their arms to lift their head off the sleep surface. In my sleep consultant practice, I find that the Zipadee Zip is a great option to keep them warm and cozy, plus all for some movement. It is great for children 3-months to 24-months of age.


Getting things done around the house with a newborn or an infant can be a challenge. It would be fantastic if we could just purchase an extra pair of hands to help get tasks completed, but the next best thing is a wrap. My favorite wrap is the Moby Wrap. It is a great way to keep your baby close and allow you to still work on your to-do list. I admit there can be a learning curve when using the Moby Wrap, but once you learn it, it’s like second nature.

Video and Breathing Monitor

Moving your little one into their own room can be a daunting task. The worry of not being able to see your little, know that they are safe, and still breathing are valid feelings for new parents. In my practice, I recommend the Angelcare Baby Breathing Monitor with Video to give you peace of mind. What sets this monitor apart? The Angelcare Baby Breathing Monitor with Video not only allows you to see your baby but allows you to know your little one is breathing. A breathing motion sensor is placed below the mattress and alerts you if the motion stops during the night.

Positioning Pillows

Whether you are a breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mom I recommend the Boppy will help with positioning. The support this pillow offers to the mothers that I work with can’t be beaten. It provides support to help hold the weight of the baby and remove the stress from your shoulders and back. Once your little one is older it can be used for positioning your baby during wake times.

Ready to Wake Clocks and Sound Machines

Transitioning your toddler from a crib to a toddler bed can be a daunting task. Your toddler’s ability to not tell time or understand when is a good time to get out of bed can make navigating this milestone tricky. I recommend a clock with a visual aid to help them learn when leaving their bed is acceptable. Clocks such as the Mirari Ok to Wake Clock and Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Clock are great options.

A sound machine can be a great addition to a child’s room to help them sleep. It can help drown out the dog barking or you dropping something in the kitchen when your little one is trying to nap or sleep. My two favorite sound machines are the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine. Both are excellent options! The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine has a built-in night light and the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine is AC and battery-powered, making it portable.

Blackout Shades

What is one of the major culprits of keeping your little one asleep at night? Light, the brain responds to this stimuli and starts releasing hormones that are associated with wake times, making it hard for your baby to drift back to sleep. My favorite solutions for this problem are the Redi Shade Cut-to-Size Cordless Privacy Shade and the Blackout Velcro Shades. These are great affordable options for your baby’s room and super easy to install.


Traveling may not look like it always has this year, but eventually, we will get back to traveling like normal. When we do be prepared for the trip with the Slumberpod. The Slumberpod is a portable pop up tent that goes over a pack-n-play/Playard, mini crib, or cot. These are great when you don’t know if there will be light in the room or if you are having to share a room with your little one. 

When traveling do not be caught without a place for your toddler to sleep. Rather than trying to share a bed with them, which is something I don’t recommend, using the Blue My Cot Portable Toddler Bed. It’s easy to transport, put up and take down, making it great for travel. 

Health and Wellness

As we enter the cold and flu season, I am reminded of being so worried when my babies were sick. Knowing their nose was stuffed up and they were having trouble breathing would keep me up at night. I always had trouble using the standard nose syringe that you are given in the hospital. The Nosefrida changed how I helped clear my babies sinuses, I honestly and not sure how I lived without this little invention. Admittedly, the first time I used it I was skeptical, but it is easy to use and my little one didn’t fight it as much.


One thing that made me dread potty training my toddlers was the night time accidents. The day time accidents I didn’t think about as much, but who really wants to be changing bed sheets at 3 AM. I recommend Quick Zip sheets to my clients as a game-changer. Being able to zip the top of the sheet off and put another, takes out the fight of changing a sheet while half asleep.

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