Month: June 2024

Undertired or Overtired

Is my child overtired or undertired?

Being a parent can be exhausting, especially if your child doesn’t sleep well at night.  We’ve all been there – struggling to get our little ones to sleep, only to have them wake every few hours.  This can lead to frustration, stress, and even health problems for both you and your child.   But what if the problem isn’t just a lack of sleep, but a mismatch between the amount of sleep your child needs and the amount they are getting? …

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Say goodbye to the pacifier

Should we say “Good-bye” to the pacifier?

How and When to Stop Using the Pacifier If your child is older than four months, relies on a pacifier to drift off to sleep, and is experiencing sleep difficulties, it could be a good opportunity to bid farewell to the pacifier. Hey there!Are you struggling with sleepless nights because of your little one’s constant awakenings? As a newborn, the pacifier is amazing for helping meet that strong need to suck some babies have. As they approach 4 months though, …

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