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It all started with sleepless night at 3 am…

In 2011, my husband Edward and I were blessed with our beautiful daughter Marybella. We tried for 3.5 years to get pregnant and overcame the infertility hurdle. We were faced with so many challenges and finally got our precious little one. We were so happy to meet her and excited to see what was ahead.

Well, we spent the 1st nine months of her life with very little sleep. We were EXHAUSTED! Finally at 3am one morning, I was nursing my daughter, crying. My husband was standing there watching because I was afraid of dropping her since I was so tired. He whispered to me “It HAS to get better than this or no one else would ever have more than 1 child”.

We were both working full time and he was going to school for his Masters degree. We NEEDED sleep desperately. This is when we started our search for help. There were so many programs out there but I didn’t want to let my little girl “Cry it out”. There had to be another way. So I kept searching until I finally found the program that was “The one”. The Sleep Sense program by Dana Obleman was THE answer!

Precious little newborn boy having deep sleep at day on mother chest in blue baby slim. Mom kissing baby head and feeling relaxed and delight. Family concept

Meet Christina

My name is Christina Fabritiis and I live in sunny San Tan Valley, AZ with my husband Edward, daughter Marybella, and son Luke.

After implementing this program with both my children, my husband and I shared it with everyone we met that was in the same boat! Then one day, I decided it’s time to start really getting the word out there to help many more families. I decided to go though the training to become a certified Sleep Sense Consultant to work with Dana Obleman and her team.

This program has helped over 100,000 parents just like you and I. Having this certification allows me to work 1 on 1 with each family to create a customizable plan specific to each family’s need.

I have experience in lots of different industries but this is where my passion is. Helping people with one of the most important aspects of life aside from a healthy diet.

With me being a mother, I can’t and won’t let this program fail you. I know 1st hand how much we all need our rest. It changed my family’s whole world for the better and I want this for you too.

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