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Christina Fabritiis Phoenix, AZ Sleep Coach

Why You Should Hire a Baby Sleep Training Coach

Hi there, my name is Christina Fabritiis.  I started out as a pediatric sleep consultant and coach in 2019.  Now I’m helping people of all ages get the best sleep of their lives. One of the biggest questions I get from people is “Why should I hire a sleep coach?” or “Shouldn’t  I be able to just search the internet and get all the answers I need?”  Well, possibly.  However, sometimes we need more help in a faster amount of …

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Mouth breather 1

Mouth Breather?

How Myofunctional Therapy Can Help Your Child Sleep Better Have you ever noticed your child’s mouth breathing, snoring, or sleeping with their mouth open? These habits can lead to sleep disturbances, jaw development issues, and even sleep apnea. While we often hear about sleep apnea in adults, it’s important to address it in children too. Snoring in Children: What’s Normal? According to the National Sleep Foundation, most children snore occasionally, but only 10% snore regularly. In contrast, 30-40% of adults …

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Undertired or Overtired

Is my child overtired or undertired?

Being a parent can be exhausting, especially if your child doesn’t sleep well at night.  We’ve all been there – struggling to get our little ones to sleep, only to have them wake every few hours.  This can lead to frustration, stress, and even health problems for both you and your child.   But what if the problem isn’t just a lack of sleep, but a mismatch between the amount of sleep your child needs and the amount they are getting? …

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Say goodbye to the pacifier

Should we say “Good-bye” to the pacifier?

How and When to Stop Using the Pacifier If your child is older than four months, relies on a pacifier to drift off to sleep, and is experiencing sleep difficulties, it could be a good opportunity to bid farewell to the pacifier. Hey there!Are you struggling with sleepless nights because of your little one’s constant awakenings? As a newborn, the pacifier is amazing for helping meet that strong need to suck some babies have. As they approach 4 months though, …

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How to Have an "Off Day" Nap-times on the Go With Baby

How to Have an “Off Day” Nap-times on the Go With Baby

Once you’ve taught your sweet babe independent sleep skills, you may be wondering if you’re now supposed to stay home for every nap. Can you still have a social life, go out for the day, or visit friends and family? Nap-times on the Go With Baby Teaching your little one some independent sleep skills is a life-changing accomplishment, and you should feel proud!But now what?Do you have to plan your entire life around your baby’s sleep schedule? The answer for …

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Welcoming a New Baby With a Toddler

With the arrival of a brand new family member, it’s time to get ready for both joy and challenge! Adding a new member to the family is a big deal!It’s a wonderful and exciting time, but sometimes the new big brother or sister isn’t so happy about the new little person taking up all of mommy and daddy’s time. Expect a little bit of a regression. It’s normal and to be expected that with any change in homelife, your child …

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contact naps

Help! My baby will only nap on me.

Ahh so your baby only wants those contact naps? There’s seriously nothing more frustrating than when your little one refuses to nap in their crib on their own!! It’s not about them skipping naps altogether. It’s just that they will only nap if they’re ON you. I know…I’ve been there too! I want to help you with this problem with these tips on exactly how to get your baby to nap in their crib. So, if you’re trying different nap …

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When do I transition my child to a big kid bed

How do i transition my child from a toddler bed to a big kid bed?

6 Steps From Crib to “Big Kid Bed” and how to do it successfully Moving your little one from a crib to a “big kid bed” is a big step for both of you. It’s a major milestone, and can bring up mixed emotions kinda like walking for the first time! But like any other milestone, there’s the potential it might lead to some challenges. Sometimes with the development of a new milestone  your child may have a bit of …

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Should my child take a nap?

Should my child be taking a nap?

Should my child be napping? How long should they nap? Where is the best place for a nap? How many naps per day? Hey there!Are you even more exhausted than usual lately?Are you constantly struggling to keep your little ones awake throughout the day?If so, it’s time to talk about the importance of naps for your child (and for you, too!).As a mom myself, I know how tempting it can be to try to keep your child awake longer, especially …

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Benefits of sleep

Benefits of sleep

‘ Sleep has always been a bit of a mystery.        From an evolutionary viewpoint, it seems like something that we should have abandoned a few hundred thousand years ago. The fact is that we fall into a nearly unconscious state for a third of our day. This happens every day, leaving us vulnerable to whatever horrifying dangers we faced in the early days of civilization. This makes me wonder how we ever made it this far as a species. But …

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