Christina Fabritiis

Essential Back to School Sleep Tips

Essential Back to School Sleep Tips Remember how much you used to look forward to summer vacation when you were a kid? I get that same feeling now when school starts. God knows I love my kids, but by the time summer is over, I’m pretty euphoric to get a few daily hours to myself again. For those of us with kids, back-to-school time means we get back onto a nice, predictable schedule. Or so we hope… Lack of good …

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Benefits of sleep

‘ Sleep has always been a bit of a mystery.        From an evolutionary viewpoint, it seems like something that we should have abandoned a few hundred thousand years ago. The fact is that we fall into a nearly unconscious state for a third of our day. This happens every day, leaving us vulnerable to whatever horrifying dangers we faced in the early days of civilization. This makes me wonder how we ever made it this far as a species. But …

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