How to get your twin babies to sleep through the night

Twin Babies


If you are a mom of twins, you are a superhero! Period. I mean, we all know that one baby is a full-time job (a wonderful job, but definitely full-time), so how can we describe having two babies? You have two (wonderful) full-time jobs!

Give yourself a pat on the back because you are doing the best that you know how to do. So if you are feeling exhausted, a bit frustrated, and just dragging your feet through the day, be kind to yourself because most moms do with just one baby. We can only imagine how tired you feel having to multiply everything by 2. 

Babies need us all the time and it is our natural instinct to protect and keep them safe. Teaching your twin babes how to sleep through the night is going to be a game-changer for their well-being and your sanity.

It will also be a process that requires discipline and commitment from you and your spouse. No worries though, because it is achievable, and as I said before, you are going to feel amazing once your little ones are sleeping through the night. Keep the big prize in mind.

Is this even a thing?

Teaching your twins how to sleep independently is going to be a bit more complex than just teaching one baby. Sometimes, one baby will wake up crying, and most likely the other baby is going to follow the lead. And here you are, wearing your heart in your sleeve, trying to soothe two babies at the same time. That’s going to happen, but we will design a plan for that as well.

One thing that most parents don’t know is that if your twins were also premature, they will tend to be sleepier. Our main job is going to be to facilitate the conditions for them to fulfill that need and feel rested.


And by now, you are probably nodding and saying YES, Yes, but how? 

So, let’s lay out a plan for you to follow and teach those beautiful twins the sleep skills that are going to set them (and you and your family) up for success!

Our first step is going to be assessing their sleeping arrangements. By that, I mean, do they sleep in the same room, side by side? During the sleep training, I always advise my clients to put them in separate bedrooms if possible. If you don’t have enough space, any room will do the trick. The idea is to keep them separated so if one wakes up and starts crying, he/she doesn’t wake up the other baby.        

This can still be done with both babies in the same room, but if you can manage to separate them at the beginning, that’s going to be easier for you and them. Our goal is to put them on the same sleep schedule, and when that happens they can go back to sharing a bedroom. Separating them is just a temporary action until they have learned the new habit.

It also gives us great insight into each child’s sleep behavior and we can tailor her/his needs better. On the bright side, I can tell you that their sleep needs are going to be very similar. 

What if?

A question I get asked a lot by twins’ moms is what to do if one baby sleeps longer than the other?

Well, that’s a great question, and I always suggest respecting the needs of the sleepiest one for up to 30 minutes. Remember that our ultimate goal is to put them on the same schedule, so that 30-minute window should be enough to allow more rest without getting out of sync. When bed or nap time comes again, put them down at the same time foregoing the 30min window. 

So far, until now, we are all set for having our little ones in a great sleep flow, right?

Quick recap: 

  • If possible, keep your babies in different rooms during the sleep training period. In that way, you avoid one waking up the other.
  • If one child sleeps longer, leave them be for up to 30 minutes. For the next sleep cycle, ignore the time window gap and put them down at the same time.
  • Our main goal is to sync their sleep schedule, teach them how to sleep independently, and elevate their and your family’s quality of life.

What happens at night time? 

As we said before, it is our instinct as moms to protect our babies. That’s one of the reasons we just jump up when we hear them crying. Our first thought is that something is wrong, and of course, we want to solve it ASAP and for our little one to return to that state of peace and safety.

Just remember that crying is also the only form of communication that babies have. So it doesn’t mean that something “bad” is happening. They may just be expressing themselves. 

For moms of twins, this part is especially tricky, because they tend to be faster assisting the crying baby. This reaction is also very normal and understandable since they are trying to avoid for the other baby to also wake up. So, here is the caveat: can you resist that impulse for a bit?

Let me explain. If your little one starts crying and you show up immediately with a pacifier, or a feed, or to rock them, you are creating the habit for this behavior to keep happening. On the other hand, if you give your baby a bit of time to soothe themselves and put themselves back to sleep, they will also learn this new ability.

While I would never tell my clients to leave their children alone crying for hours, or even more than 10-15 minutes, it’s important to allow a small window for your little one to develop self-soothing abilities and the skill of getting back to sleep on their own. This is usually the hardest part for parents, and as a mom of two kids myself, I can totally relate. That’s the reason that I prioritize emotional support for my clients because there are a lot of emotions involved during the sleep training period. So, if you want to go through this process with a trusted professional holding your hand and showing you every step of the puzzle, you can schedule here a Sleep Now Call!

During the call, we are going to assess yours and your twins’ situation and design a sleep plan together that feels aligned with your goals and parenting style. Reach out mom, you don’t have to do this on your own. 

Teaching your twins how to sleep independently is going to be a heck of a ride for you as parents. But if you stay disciplined and committed, after a few days you will start seeing some magic happen. Keep your eyes on the prize mom, imagine your little twins sleeping 10-12 hours during the night, with their sleep schedule in sync, naps being easy-peasy, your babies smiling more, and feeling happier as a result of being well-rested and you having time for yourself and your needs. Does it sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be! That’s the type of results my clients get in as little as 2 weeks, so if you are ready to commit and make your family’s well-being a priority, schedule your Sleep Now Call and let’s turn your dream into your reality!    

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