Private Sleep Coaching: Pregnant / Expecting

Private Sleep Coaching: Pregnant / Expecting


Speak with a Certified Sleep Coach on the Team, to ensure you are setup for success when baby arrives.


  • Help Your Newborn to Sleep Well Naturally
  • Get You Sleeping Better
  • Give You the Confidence You Will Need As A New Parent
  • Avoid the Big Mistakes That Cause You To Need To Sleep Train in the Future
  • Education on feeding – whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or pumping during your first weeks.
  • Education about car seat safety, so you can be sure you’re securing your baby properly every time you leave home.
  • Effortlessly Have A Happy, Rested, & Thriving Newborn
  • Sample Newborn Sleep Schedules for every stage
  • Quickly Understand Your Newborn’s Unique Needs
  • Escape The Pain Of Having To Spend Weeks Or Months Fighting Poor Sleep