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Sarah K.
I had a consultation with Christina just a couple days ago about my son who has been extremely fussy since being born with a lot of crying but was told by the pediatrician he showed no signs of any milk allergies or anything like that. He would also constantly scream in his car seat the whole way anywhere. So I took her advice and she kept communication with me so if I was concerned with anything or had any questions she would be there to answer. In just 2 days I’ve noticed a complete change in my baby, he just went in the car for an hour and a half without crying! And that made me want to shed tears of joy! I never thought my babies behavior would be because of his sleeping habits, but Christina knew all the signs and helped my baby and I so much and I’m so thankful! ❤️

Katie has been so essential in our sleep training journey! When we first met Katie, we were waking up 2-3 times a night for feedings and rocking back to sleep. After our two week program, our baby is sleeping 12+ hrs through the night with no wakings. Katie was so helpful through our journey, she was always there at the drop of a hat to answer any questions we had! Her program and plan really do work! I would highly recommend her! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ thank you , Katie for bringing back our sleep! It’s truly Priceless!


I cannot say enough about how amazing my experience with Katie was. I was co-sleeping with my 14 month old and still nursing through the night. I felt it was time for him to learn to put himself to sleep. I wanted him to learn the skill. I was really afraid of an intense plan with lots of crying and that is NOT what happened. Katie did an amazing job creating a sleep plan just for us. She created a plan that we would be comfortable with and would be easy on my sweet boy. He slept through the night and in his own bed by the 3rd night! I am so thankful for the personalized support Katie gave us and now we can all get a good nights sleep! Thanks again Katie!!

-Brittney B.

Katie is amazing!! I was skeptical at first but I’m so happy I trusted her to help me. My life before Katie was bananas with a baby attached to me 24/7 and absolutely no sleep. My schedule was the baby’s schedule because he wouldn’t sleep without me. My husband and I never had a moment alone.
With Katie I was able to sleep train my 15 month old with very little tears. I’ve never been on board with the cry it out method so this made me very happy. He’s now sleeping straight through the night in his own bed. He wakes up happy and well rested. He’s less fussy throughout the day, and he eats better now because of it. Definitely a life changer!! I highly recommend Katie!!

My husband and I reached out to Christina when we were having trouble putting our 4 month old down for naps. We would spend a lot of time rocking and holding her for all of her naps and bedtime was always a 2 hour process of rocking and putting down and then picking up rocking and putting down. While working with Christina we were given specific instructions and a schedule. We had a spreadsheet that we shared with her to keep track of our days and she would provide support and feedback throughout each day. We also had several calls to discuss our progress. By the end, our baby was napping independently in the crib and sleeping 12 hours overnight without waking or eating. It has made a huge difference! Would highly recommend!
-Sarah N

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