0 – 12 Weeks

We will meet you where you are at… until 12 weeks old.

Helping you understand the importance of healthy sleep habits

We will teach and guide you on how to transition your baby  into healthy sleep patterns  early on.  This will help you to avoid common sleep challenges as your baby grows.  This plan is designed specifically for newborns and is not intended to teach your baby to sleep through the night.  However,  when babies learn great sleep skills early on, they will usually start sleeping through the night (8-12 hours) as early as 12 weeks old.

*Please note: (Prenatal support also available upon request)

3 – 18 Months

Helping your baby sleep better at night and nap times. This is a 2 week plan to help your baby sleep through the night (about 12 hours).

Is your baby not getting this sleep thing? Having multiple wakings in the night?  Well lucky for you, we get it!  Now we understand that all babies are different and some may require a little bit more or a little less than the 12 hours of nighttime sleep.  

Some infants require a feed where others don’t. We customize each plan with your families special needs in mind.

Just incase your wondering “Is two weeks enough?”,  Yes, It is!! We have you covered. 


18+ Months

Helping you to establish sleep habits for a better night’s sleep . Toddlers and older children sleep plans are 3 weeks long.

Is your toddler or older child still co-sleeping? Can’t get out of the room? Not taking great naps? Cranky all of the time? 

 Children at this age will typically sleep about 10-12 hours each night and 1-3 hours of naps. Even  though the plan is 3 weeks, it is common to see results within the 1st 1-3days if following the plan.  

All children are different so we will customize the plan to meet your families specific needs.

Twin & Multiples

Helping families with multiples with the issue of getting them to sleep

These plans will vary in length depending on the age and situation of the child. 

Double or triple (or more) babes?  This equals more sleep challenges!

It IS possible to get everyone on track and sleeping well.

We will talk more about your specific needs in our consult to create the best course of action for your family.



  • We will set a goal
  • Plan Customization
  • Phone Calls
  • Zoom Calls
  • Daily Progress Tracker
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Supported throughout the entire process
  • We will listen to your concerns and meet you where you are at
  • We will take into consideration what struggles you’re having and we will come up with a resolution
  • We understand and take into consideration that not every family’s situation is the same
  • We will sit with you and let you vent and cry and remind you to just breathe
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