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After becoming a mom, I learned that there is truly nothing that can prepare you for the journey into motherhood, especially when it comes to sleep, or should I say, the lack there of.  My husband and I struggled those first 6-8 weeks of my son’s life as most parents do.  Our sleep seemed non-existent.  Our son Owen finally started to sleep longer stretches of 5, 6, and even 7 hours during the night!  We saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  


Then it hit, the dreaded 4-month sleep regression.  It is a REAL THING!  Owen went from a good sleeper to progressively getting worse until he was waking up every hour during the night! It was also getting harder and harder to sooth him at each waking.  At this point Owen was 6 months old and I was desperate for answers.  The whole family needed sleep and I was determined to find a way to help my son.  And that’s exactly what I did; and it was life changing!  


What I found is that there are ways to help your child learn independent sleep skills without feeling mom guilt.  Once I understood what was happening, I felt bad for not helping him sooner!  Watching Owen’s transition and how it has changed our lives is what has led me on the journey of helping other families get the quality sleep that they deserve.   

Meet Jacksonville, Florida Certified Sleep Consultant Katie
Katie Kuncho, Jacksonville, FL Sleep Consultant

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Hi there, my name is Katie Kuncho and I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband Rodney, and our son, Owen.  After having my son and discovering my passion for sleep, I stepped away from my career and started my journey to becoming a sleep consultant.  

I am so excited about being able to help parents who prefer a more natural and gentle approach to helping their child sleep. As a mom myself, I know how stressful it can be to not understand why your child isn’t sleeping well.  Sleep training doesn’t have to be hard and I will be with every step of the way.  I look forward to helping your family get the sleep they deserve!


“I cannot say enough about how amazing my experience with Katie was. I was co-sleeping with my 14-month-old and still nursing through the night. I felt it was time for him to learn to put himself to sleep. I wanted him to learn the skill. I was really afraid of an intense plan with lots of crying and that is NOT what happened. Katie did an amazing job creating a sleep plan just for us. She created a plan that we would be comfortable with and would be easy on my sweet boy. He slept through the night and in his own bed by the 3rd night! I am so thankful for the personalized support Katie gave us and now we can all get a good night’s sleep! Thanks again, Katie!!”
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-Another happy mama

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