I’m a mom of three boys 7, 5, and 1, who sleep all night.

We live in a little town called Darlington,  just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I spend my free time enjoying my family, taking quiet trail rides on my horse, making yummy food in the kitchen, or listening to podcasts. I have so many interests and I love learning! In the evenings after the boys go to bed, my husband Jake and I enjoy spending time together. Before I began this journey to help families teach their babies new sleep skills, I was a stay-at-home mom for 7 years and before that, I was a high-school art teacher! Now, I’m a pediatric sleep consultant and I’m on a mission to teach YOU how to make sleep happen for your kiddos too!

Meet Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Certified Sleep Consultant Naomi

Naomi's story...

My sleep-teaching journey began when my first son was 4 months old and not sleeping through the night. He slept beside our bed in a little cot. It was an all-night yoyo sleeping with my hand hanging over the bed to replace the binky kind of situation. I’d hear him start to wake up and then I was afraid he would wake my husband, so I’d give him the binky hoping to tide him over a little longer before I’d get up to feed him again. I was simply EXHAUSTED and just needed a few more minutes of sleep so I thought!

Maybe you’ve felt this way too. We were tired and didn’t know how to get him to sleep better. So, I did what I always do when I want to learn something and that is research…which led me to sleep training, which then led me to work with a sleep consultant. Working with her gave me the knowledge and the confidence I needed to make the little changes we needed to get him to sleep better.
What I soon realized is that he was ready and I was the one hanging on to the way it used to work when he was a newborn. The trouble we were having at night was his way of saying “I’m not a newborn anymore. I’m ready for bigger things.”
I was able to help him to learn the new skills he needed to sleep in his crib in his own room so much quicker than I thought he would.
No matter what your occupation or walk in life is, sleep is the foundation of your health and well-being. We all understand how “off” we feel when we don’t get the sleep we need. Sleep deprivation affects our attitude, our productivity, our relationships, our parenting and so much more. As parents, we shouldn’t settle for being tired all the time! Your child is capable and ready to sleep when you are ready to teach them.
If you’re like me, then having a baby changed everything! You realize there is so much you don’t know and you’re growing as much as a new parent as your child is changing and developing. We are constantly bombarded with other people’s ideas of how we should or shouldn’t parent, but it’s important to look at your personal situation and ask “Is this working for me and my child in this season?” and “Is what I am doing a sustainable solution?”

For me, sleeping with my arm going numb hanging over the side of the bed to replace a binky several times a night was NOT. What I’ve come to realize with each of my boys is that what worked as a newborn phased out as they grew and developed. The time came for each of them to slowly let go a little and give them the time and space they needed to learn their own independent sleep skills. I just needed to get out of the way. Often times, we “think” we know but the truth is, if it’s not working, there is a better way out there. We just need a little help getting there. 
So…If you’re ready to help your baby and toddler learn to sleep independently for naps and through the night, and you need someone to give you an effective plan and guide you through every step of the way, I’m your girl! On those hard, emotional nights, it’s easy to second guess yourself or feel guilty for making changes, but working with a coach gives you all the support and guidance you crave so that you don’t give up on yourself or your child!
You can read endless books and blogs on sleep or search for tips and tricks online and never really make any progress, or you can choose to make a lasting difference for your family by working with me to lead you on the journey to better sleep in just a short amount of time. Let me help you so you and your family can have those much-needed restful nights and so you can enjoy the sweet benefits of parenthood too!

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Certified Sleep Consultant Naomi

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some testimonials from Naomi's client's...

"Naomi was super understanding and was able to identify problems in our current routine as well as throughout the process (getting grandma on board with the nap schedule was a challenge for us). She was super knowledgeable, and responsive, and was able to get us on track. I was happy to go into this with a support system behind me because I don’t think I would have stuck it out without one."
Mama of an 8-month-old
Lincoln has been doing great! He sleeps through the night all on his own from 7 pm to 8 am and is now napping once a day for 2 whole hours! He has been a different kid. I appreciate your help so much!"
6 month old sleep trained boy
Mom of 6 month old boy

ok, Your exhausted... I get it!

does this sound familiar?

  • Mentally: The smallest tasks seem like a huge deal. You have trouble remembering things. You’re mentally at a breaking point.
  • Physically: Your body is tired. You feel like you don’t have the energy to do things with your family that used to bring you joy because you are physically exhausted.
  • Emotionally: You love your child so much, but sometimes you can’t take it anymore and your exhaustion causes you to end up being the parent you don’t want to be.

As a parent, you’ll probably face all these situations at one time or another, but if this is your constant reality, something needs to change.
All those sleepless nights changed when I learned about sleep training that respected my child’s needs and gave me a clear plan of action. The good news is, that you can teach your child new sleep habits that lead to a lifetime of healthy sleep too!

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then you’re in the right place!
I’ve been there before too! I used to struggle with my children’s sleep.
Burnout is real and can happen quickly when your switch is on 24/7 for weeks, months, years…
You don’t have to be an exhausted parent. You can still love your kids well, be responsive to their needs and emotions, AND get a good night’s sleep.

Ready to grab my hand and start your family’s journey to getting that much-needed sleep you deserve? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the button below to book a call now. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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